Trading Direct Ltd are a limited company, started way back in 1997. We have specialised in a few automotive sectors and started selling reverse parking sensor kits in the early 2000s. These took off in a big way for us and in 2006 we focussed on selling a range of Dolphin branded parking sensors and accessories offering a range of different colours, an industry first at the time.

By focussing on a niche product range we can offer expect advice and be completely familiar with the range we sell and do our best to always have everything in stock. With a quality product it also means we have been able to offer a lifetime warranty on your purchase so for the duration that you own the car, we will warranty the sensors.

We also work with a select range of installers who are able to give us limited UK installation coverage. This means we have a working relationship with each of them and know the high quality of the work and customer service they are able to offer.