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Dolphin Parking Sensors For Your Van

Dolphin Parking Sensors have arrived for your van.

The perfect compliment for your Van Reversing Camera.

Dolphin Parking Sensors give you the reassuring sound of audible beeps, indicating the proximity distance, while reversing your Van.

Over the last decade, through our Surrey based Car Accessories Store, our Parking Sensors have become some of the most popular and reliable Car Parts and Accessories in the United Kingdom. Winner of the Auto Express Product Test Award two years running from 2008 - 2010 and Whatcar Best Buy Award in 2011, our Dolphin Parking Sensors definitely come with a good pedigree and a Lifetime Warranty.

So, we have decided to increase our range of Van Accessories, to now include Parking Sensors For Vans.

Dolphin Van Parking Sensors Audio Display Kit

Features of Our Van Parking Sensors

  • 4 x 6m Bumper Recess Parking Sensors
  • 1 x Parking Sensor Interface Box
  • 1 x 2m Audio Buzzer or 6m LED Display (lead extensions available for both options, if required)
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Clear Parking Sensors Instruction Manual

All of our parking sensors come with a swap socket feature. This enables you to unscrew the sensor head from the sensor lead. So if you ever need to swap the sensor head, due to damage or a fault, this becomes an easy job that takes minutes. No bumper removal and no re-routing of cables required.

How Do Ultrasonic Parking Sensors Work ?

Dolphin Van Parking Sensors work by radiating ultrasonic beams from each sensor head. These beams travel outwards in a 60 degree cone shape (30deg up, 30deg down, 30deg left, 30deg right). When these beams hit an obstacle behind, they are bounced back to the sensor heads and are registered by the interface box. The distance is calculated based on the length of time it took the beam to return to the interface box.

The parking sensors pick up their power from the reverse light, so when you go into reverse the parking sensors come on. They start to sense obstacles from 1.5m and at this point will emit slow frequency beeps. The frequency speeds up the closer you get to the obstacle behind, until you get to 30cm. At this point, the beeps will become a solid unbroken tone indicating you should stop.

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