7 Inch Rear View Mirror Mounted Monitor
7″ Rear View Mirror Monitor
  • 1 Rear View Mirror Mounting Monitor
  • Power Cable
  • Remote
  • Users Manual
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7 Inch Dash Mounted Monitor
7″ Dash Mounting Monitor
This dash mounting monitor is ideal for larger vehicles such as vans and lorries where you have the luxury of a larger dash board. It is supplied with a fully adjustable dash mount and adhesive pad for securing the mount. Compatible with all our reversing camera options, it has a trip wire to auto switch on when reverse gear is selected.
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4.3 Inch Rear View Mirror Monitor
4.3″ Rear View Mirror Monitor
This very clever rear view mirror clips over your existing mirror using some spring loaded clamps on the rear. The unit functions as a normal mirror until you select reverse gear at which stage the an inbuilt colour LCD monitor will come to life showing you what is connected to the input cable.
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4.3″ Dashboard Monitor
Kit Contents
  • Dash Mounting Monitor
  • Power Lead
  • User's Manual
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