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Windscreen Mounting 7″ Monitor/Screen


7″ (inch) Monitor/Screen comes with an adjustable Stem (stalk) mount which is glued to the windscreen

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This Monitor/Screen comes with an adjustable stem (stalk) mount which is glued* to the windscreen to attach the Screen in a suitable position allowing the angle of the monitor to be adjusted in the same way that you would adjust a normal rear-view mirror

This monitor does not need to be wired to the reversing feed itself as it is effectively always on but the display remains black/off until an input signal is sensed at which point this is shown on the display, this makes it ideal for a monitor for a reversing camera.

Kit Contents

1 Rear View Mirror Mounting Monitor
Mounting Stalk/Stem
Power Cable
Users Manual



Brightness / Contrast Adjustment
Phono/RCA Input
2m Power Lead

* please note adhesive is not included,
** may not be compatible with an existing mount


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