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We Now Sell Flush Mount Parking Sensors

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How Do Flush Fitted Parking Sensors Work ?

Flush Fitted Parking Sensors use the same technology as standard Ultrasonic Parking Sensors. When powered up, they emit a cone of sound from the center of the parking sensor head. These waves are then bounced off any object behind you and return to the sensor head. The time this return journey takes is used to calculate whether or not you have an obstacle behind you, and at what distance the object is found.

The Flush Fit Sensors are available in 8 colours at the moment, and come with a Lifetime Warranty. This works as the perfect compliment for your High Level Brake Light Reversing Camera and will ensure you never need to worry again when reversing your vehicle.

Dolphin Flush Fit Rear Audio Parking Sensors
Dolphin Flush Fit Rear Audio Parking Sensors

Whats That You Say ? Do We Have A Discount Code ?

Why yes, of course we do. When placing your order, enter coupon code flush-10 when prompted to do so. This will automatically give you a 10% discount on you Flush Fit Parking Sensors order.

If you require any further information regarding this, or any of the products we sell, do not hesitate to contact us on 01483 522 225.


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