The two types of Ford Transit Custom high level brake lights

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Based on feedback from our customers, and some information relayed by the garages we trade with, the Ford Transit Custom actually has two different types of high level brake light camera.

The first we have listed as Ford Transit High Level Brake Light Camera 2015 – 2016 and can be found by clicking the link. This version does not come with a bulb. You simply remove the brake light casing from your vehicle and replace with our casing. This goes over the top of the existing bulb.

The newer version is listed as Ford Transit High Level Brake Light Camera 2016 – and can also be found by clicking the link. From 2016 onwards, Ford used LED bulbs inside their brake lights, which are removed with the brake light casing. The product has the LED bulb built into the brake light casing, so you simply swap one brake light for the other.

If you are wondering which product you need, the quickest way would be to remove your current brake light and check the casing. We have images of the inside of each camera, listed with the product, so you will be able to match them up before making a purchase.

Alternatively, if you require any further information, do not hesitate to contact us on 01483 522 225.

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