Dolphin Parking Sensors For Your Van

Dolphin Parking Sensors have arrived for your van. The perfect compliment for your Van Reversing Camera. Dolphin Parking Sensors give you the reassuring sound of audible beeps, indicating the proximity distance, while reversing your Van. Over the last decade, through our Surrey based Car Accessories Store, our Parking Sensors have become some of the most popular and reliable Car Parts and Accessories in the United Kingdom. Winner of the Auto Express Product Test Award two years running from 2008 – … Read More

We Now Sell Flush Mount Parking Sensors

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How Do Flush Fitted Parking Sensors Work ? Flush Fitted Parking Sensors use the same technology as standard Ultrasonic Parking Sensors. When powered up, they emit a cone of sound from the center of the parking sensor head. These waves are then bounced off any object behind you and return to the sensor head. The time this return journey takes is used to calculate whether or not you have an obstacle behind you, and at what distance the object is … Read More

The two types of Ford Transit Custom high level brake lights

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Based on feedback from our customers, and some information relayed by the garages we trade with, the Ford Transit Custom actually has two different types of high level brake light camera. The first we have listed as Ford Transit High Level Brake Light Camera 2015 – 2016 and can be found by clicking the link. This version does not come with a bulb. You simply remove the brake light casing from your vehicle and replace with our casing. This goes … Read More

Introducing the Ford Transit Reversing Camera 2015 – Present

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The new Award Winning Dolphin Automotive Rearview Camera for the Ford Transit Custom provides a unique solution for operators requiring a high quality Rearview Camera solution that also has the benefit of looking, without doubt the most aesthetically pleasing product available on the market. This bespoke camera replaces the high level brake light, thus keeping the height of the camera below the roof line and saves drilling any holes, which may cause corrosion and water ingress at a later date. … Read More

Introducing The Dolphin Number Plate Reversing Camera

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There is no doubt that reversing cameras, and parking sensors, are an invaluable asset to any vehicle. But what happens if you have a vehicle with no space on the bumper for the reversing camera, and or, parking sensors ? A van that has been adapted for wheelchair access for example. This is a question we have been unable to answer for the last couple of years. Until now. Having taken these concerns into consideration, and in partnership with our … Read More