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Introducing The Dolphin Number Plate Reversing Camera

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There is no doubt that reversing cameras, and parking sensors, are an invaluable asset to any vehicle. But what happens if you have a vehicle with no space on the bumper for the reversing camera, and or, parking sensors ? A van that has been adapted for wheelchair access for example.

This is a question we have been unable to answer for the last couple of years. Until now.

Having taken these concerns into consideration, and in partnership with our manufacturers, Dolphin have created the number plate mounted reversing camera kit. This also comes with parking sensors, as an added option, and looks absolutely fantastic on any vehicle.

The kit comes with a mounting bracket for your number plate, that has the parking sensors and camera built in. You simply place your number plate inside this and then fix it back on to the vehicle. Live feed is still picked up from the reverse light and earth goes direct to the chassis.

So far, feedback has been positive from our customers and fitters alike. I am sure you will agree, its a helpful addition to our range and gives you an extra product option should you need it.

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